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Subscribers activity chart - Is the data normalized somehow?

edited September 2021 in Questions

I was looking at my lists and I noticed an unreasonable growth in one of them. It is unreasonable because this list is not being promoted anywhere.

The chart tells me that I had over 1000 subscribers in the last month and I knew it couldn't be real.

I started digging to try to find where those came from and after almost an hour I found out that the chart uses a cumulative linear progression and that's why it shows up like that.

Is that right, Ben? Isn't it misleading?

Here's what my chart and data look like.


  • Hi,

    It’s the subscriber’s activity chart. It’s not limited to just ’signups’. A subscriber's 'Last activity' is updated when the user:

    • opened a campaign or autoresponder
    • clicked a link in a campaign or autoresponder
    • subscribed to a list
    • unsubscribed from a list
    • bounced
    • marked as spam
    • confirmed a double opt-in subscription.


    Best regards,

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