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New brand, does not send test mail. Gets stuck sending mailing at 99%. Other brands work fine!

edited October 2021 in Troubleshooting

I recently created a new brand for a different product we are marketing.
I created a campaign, with a simple email.
When I try test send, it stated it has been sent. I however dont receive it.
When I try send a campaign, it gets stuck at 99% and says its sending...
I checked Amazon, no issue. In fact I sent a big campaign with the same set up yesterday in another brand and that went out, no problems.
I hope you can help!


  • Hi,

    Please review the following pointers:

    1. Please check that you have verified your 'From email' or its domain in your Amazon SES console
    2. If you attempted to verify any emails or domains in your Amazon SES console and the status is 'failed' or 'pending confirmation', please either complete the verification or remove the 'failed' email or domain
    3. If you attempted to verify the sending domain's DKIM and it's in 'pending' or 'failed' status, please either complete the verification or do not verify DKIM at all
    4. Please ensure that you've set your Amazon SES region in your Sendy main settings correctly. Please refer to Amazon's email and see which 'region' you are granted your daily sending limit increase in, then set the correct 'Amazon SES region' in your Sendy's settings:


    Also, please check your 'Amazon SES Reputation Dashboard' to see if your account status is 'Healthy':


    If it's anything other than 'Healthy', check your email's inbox for Amazon's email for further instructions.

    Here's a list of statuses, what they mean and what to do about it ?


    Best regards,

  • Thank you!

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