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Would anyone want to collaborate with me on creating Sendy installation instructions on Amazon EC2?

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So, I've been working on creating some web pages that go over how to install Sendy on an EC2 instance. I've got a lot of it finished but it's not completely fleshed out. Was wondering if anybody here might want to collaborate with ne on this?

Here's a link to what I have created so far:


  • are you on telegram? I am at

  • Sorry for the delay. I'm not on Telegram. I tried installing it but the app says that it needs access to my calls and phone logs and I don't trust that. Sorry.

    I am on Reddit though, if you want to ping me on there. My username is therealmofbarbelo.

  • Hi zdawg,

    I need to install Sendy on an EC2 instance so would be happy to help fill the gaps in the instructions for far.

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