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500 error when switching between WYSIWYG and HTML

edited October 17 in Troubleshooting

It seems that the info and changes I make are saved (can't tell for sure... but seems that way). But I always get a 500 when I switch between the two. Yet when I click the back button it goes to the right place. But I can't even be sure it goes to the right place because of the 500 error.

Any ideas?

I am on DreamHost, and I am not in Sandbox.

Thank you.
PS Great Script


  • Hi,

    The intermittent 500 Internal Server error sounds like an issue with your web hosting server. I suggest contacting your hosting provider to check if this is a known problem.

    Best regards,

  • Hi, thank you for the response. I looked a little closer and the 500 appears literally every time I click save. I hadn't noticed before because I was trying to switch between modes in order to add pre-text/pre-header and so I didn't see that it always occurs (as opposed to being intermittent).

    I suppose it could be a permissions thing or...? I don't know.. maybe .htaccess.


  • You were correct. I copy/pasted the last entry in the error.log into the chat and they solved it in one call

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