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Move subscribers to new list when finishing autoresponder series

edited November 2021 in Using Sendy

How do I move subscribers from one list to another when they reach the end of an autoresponder series? I.E. Maybe started out as subscribers to receive info about a niche, but after no action, they should be moved to a general news list?


  • Hi,

    Create a 'Rule' for On autoresponder email sent:

    Set the rule to trigger a 'Webhook' when the last autoresponder email is sent.

    You'd need to create a script that receives this webhook that will in turn call Sendy's unsubscribe API to unsubscribe the user from the list, then at the same time, call the subscribe API to add the user to another list.

    What the above does is that, whenever the last autoresponder email is sent to any subscriber, it will unsubscribe the user from the list and then add it to another list.

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