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Success with RafflePress Integration

edited November 2021 in Questions

Just looking for advice here. Have any of you had success with this on Wordpress without using Zapier? Or, if not this, then a different raffle plugin?


  • Maybe you can use a webhook? I see that is an option. I don't know RafflePress so I can not tell you how to set this up.

  • Based on this: it is as easy as selecting Sendy from the dropdown menu inside RafflePress... but based on my dropdown menu having ZERO sendy's in it..... not so much

  • I think you should ask the developers of rafflepress..??

  • Yes and... this has been solved! So they DO have an easy integration but they do not have it located under integrations. It can be found only after you create a specific giveaway. THEN it is in a drop down on the left. For whatever reason they do not have it listed under the main 6 or 7 integrations.

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