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Tweaking open rate algorithm to show best possible rates
  • Use case: Mail has been sent to 5 users with one or more links in the email body content, but only 2 users open the mail in "View images mode", so the system records that only 2 users have opened the email but I also see that there 4 users who have actually clicked on one or more link in the email body content.

    Now its clear that 4 users have opened the email, but the system records it as only 2, since only 2 have opened the email in "View images mode". I think by tweaking the track links algorithm we can provide almost the better stats. Let me know what you think.

    Thank you.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down atehateh
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    I have had the same problem with other systems I have used which we would have an additional column which would record a 1 if either an open or click occured

  • Vote Up0Vote Down arisaris
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    I think the open rates are only estimates and not pure statistics. When you do that on a large scale the % looks very real even though it does not count the links.

    I think the better solution is to use the click-through percentage as the open-rate percentage without even touching the code as long as it is bigger number than the open-rate one.

  • i agree with santosh... there can be much more cases where you need to track this.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down raincorainco
    Posts: 5Sendy user

    I would like to support this feature request! Currently clickers are not always counted as openers (i.e. if they do not open in "View Images" mode). Why a clicker should not be counted as opener automatically? Number would be much closer to reality. Thank you, - Rainer

  • Totally agreed! Are there any plans to implement this in the future? I even thought that clicking on links would force-enable the "view images mode" anyway, triggering the open tracking (except when receivers copy/paste the link of course).

  • Vote Up0Vote Down oshaosha
    Posts: 14Sendy user


  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,758Sendy support

    Click are now counted as opens in the latest version of Sendy.

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