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Autoresponder not working

edited January 2022 in Troubleshooting


I've set up an autoresponder campaign bound to a list that I add new signups through API.
It is set to send automatically after signup though the email doesn't send.

I made sure that :

  • tried switching from "send automatically" and "send after 1 minute"
  • running Sendy latest version
  • i'm running on a dedicated server on Debian on which I have full permissions
  • cron jobs work (passed the "autoresponder popup test" from Sendy interface), also tried resetting the cron job status and the popup test worked again
  • i don't get errors in php error log
  • Signup through API works (I see the new subscriber in the list)
  • Cron job is set up to run every 1 minute.
  • Tried changing cron job user from sendy to www-data to root
  • it's not a spam folder issue since I can see the "sent count" not moving on Sendy interface
  • Also tried both commands :

wget http://sendy.xxxx/autoresponders.php -O /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1
php /xxxxx/sendy/autoresponders.php > /dev/null 2>&1


  • Hi,

    Please review the following pointers:

    1. Please ensure that you have moved out of Amazon SES 'Sandbox mode' by requesting Amazon to raise your ‘SES daily sending limits’ → If your Amazon SES daily sending limit is 200 emails per day, you're in 'Sandbox mode'.
    2. Please check that you have verified your 'From email' or its domain in your Amazon SES console
    3. If you attempted to verify any emails or domains in your Amazon SES console and the status is 'failed' or 'pending confirmation', please either complete the verification or remove the 'failed' email or domain


    Best regards,

  • Hi
    thanks for the hints.
    Forgot to mention I've been using this brand account to send a regular campaign successfully to the same list (to previously existing subscribers), with the same from address as the drip campaign.

    my SES daily limit is 50k

  • BenBen
    edited January 2022

    Try changing your cron job to curl -L -s https://sendy_installation_url/autoresponders.php > /dev/null 2>&1

    (change https://sendy_installation_url to your Sendy URL)

  • And that finally did it!
    Awesome, thanks for your time.

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