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GDPR check box from Thrive leads to Sendy proof of consent

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I am a Thrive Suite user and recently switched from Mailchimp to Sendy. So my opt in forms are created using Thrive Leads and I use API to integrate with Sendy.

So far the integration works just fine, except one detail ( but an important one)

I am located in Europe so my optin boxes have a litlle checkbox where people must agree to be contacted via email prior to subscribing.

The problem is that I do not see how to pass the information that the people have checked the GDPR box onto Sendy .

Could you please advise on the best way to solve this as I need to hold proof that the people have checked the box.

Thanks in advance and also thanks for this amazing software! I wish I had made the move sooner!


  • Hi,

    Sendy's subscribe API has a gdpr parameter that you can pass 'true' to the parameter when calling the subscribe API. Hence, you can probably create a checkbox in your form and when it is checked, it will set the gdpr parameter to 'true'.

    The user will be tagged with a GDPR tag:

    You can also turn on the 'GDPR safe switch' so that emails will only send to users tagged with GDPR:


    Best regards,

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