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Including [Email] in links
  • I want to include the users email in a link that I send, for example,[Email]

    It works when I do a test send, but when it does a real send and the link is encoded in a sendy URL for tracking, the email is not automatically being inserted because when i click the link from actual receiving it from a send, it does not pass the users email.

    Any ideas?
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    Posts: 3,646Sendy support
    The code to convert email tags comes after converting links to trackable ones. For example:

    1.[Email] gets converted to, say,
    2. Then, [Email] tags are converted

    That explains why the [Email] tag in the link isn't converted. We'll reverse the order and test it in the next update.
  • Thanks.

    Can you tell me which php file this conversion takes place in and I will try to modify it myself because I really need this functionality ASAP.


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    Posts: 3,646Sendy support
    @abenyukhis Just dropped you an email with the files. :)
  • Ok,

    Looks like the send is now working and it does include the [Email] inside the link.

    But now that it is included, there is no click tracking. It does not change the link to be a sendy trackable link.

    Any way to have it track clicks on these links that include [Email] or other custom fields in them?


  • Sorry, wanted to remove this and last comment but it only lets me edit.
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    Posts: 3,646Sendy support
    I just checked and realize this is much more complicated than it seems.

    To be able to track links with an [Email] attached to it, the report will have to display all links with unique emails. This means if you have 100,000 users, your report will have have 100,000 links (each with a unique email address attached to it) which is impossible to be displayed in one long page.
  • Perhaps this can be done differently. Instead of tracking each individual link, you can track the base link prior to any appended parameters such as [Email].

    So for display purposes, the link will stay the same but what will need to change is instead of storing the one link in the database, there will need to be a separate link for each email sent so the database will have lots of lines for each email sent if i have a large list.

    hmmm.... this is a tough one. At least functionally it does what I need, just no tracking available. Thats definitely better than before so I really appreciate you getting that gong for me.

    Thanks again,

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