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  • Ben September 2013
Form submission return download
  • Hello,

    Wondering if anyone knows how to attach a hidden value into the Form submission to allow a PDF to be downloaded?

    So to give you a quick example: A person enters their email address, on submission, a PDF document is downloaded (or if easier, a modal window pops up with the URL to download the PDF).

    Its ok if the document is read by bots & I understand it would be easier to put the file in a auto responder and / or "thank-you email". I need to do it this way to comply with office politics.

    Thank-you, Isaac

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    Posts: 3,667Sendy support

    Hi Isaac,

    Set a custom URL in your list settings to redirect the user to after subscribe.

    This page can contain a simple link and a call to action to ask them to download your PDF.


    Best regards,

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