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Running Sendy on OpenLiteSpeed server

edited August 2022 in Questions

Hi Ben,

I am running sendy on an OpenLiteSpeed webserver and I am getting 404 messages when I click to create a brand.

The whole install went smoothly, got all the files and databases into the right places, but now I have rewrite issues with OpenLiteSpeed I would say.

Have you had many people trying to use Sendy with OpenLiteSpeed? If so how did they modify their rewrite rules to get it working?

If it's too hard I can run up an Apache server, but I am keen to try and get the htaccess rewrite rules sorted first if possible.




  • Hey Matt,

    I'm running Sendy on OpenLiteSpeed and I do get 404s when try to test my web view and unsubscribe links, however productions works well so far. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe without any issues and I don't have any issues with creating and sending campaigns.

    Did you upload Sendy's hta access file?
    There's article here elaborating on hta access:

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