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Clicks by hour graph
  • It would be really interesting to be able to see the number of clicks by hour - and also to compare that for different campaigns.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down GrynnGrynn
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    I think so too :) Currently 'time' when an open occurred is no recorded anywhere (or for that matter what browser was used).

    Instead of storing opens data per campaign - would it not be a good idea to have an opens table: soumething like

     create table opens (id int, time int, useragent, campaignid, subscriberid, ares bool, ip, country) 

    Sendy could then stick a new record in the opens table each time an 'open' was recorded;

    This would make it possible to delete old 'opens' - say more than 1 year old - etc ... and keep the db reasonably sized.

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    Posts: 46Sendy user

    Would be good to see more detail about user agents, that's for sure.

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    I second this

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    I third this. I have clients that want "Opened by Time" reports so they can determine the best time to send emails. User Agent tracking would be great as well, that way I can determine if I still need to support Lotus, Blackberry, etc.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down johnmercedjohnmerced
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    This is a MUST to be considered in next upgrades!.. This is my "fix", I created a new DB table and a run the following trigger:

    -- DAILY FEEDBACKS INSERT INTO daily_feedbacks(campaign_id, opens, dateadded) SELECT id, opens, now() from campaigns where id = 38

    This will record Campaing ID, # of opens and date added.

    I know this can be done way easier, and will be safer to have it integrated already in Sendy.


  • Vote Up0Vote Down EdMidasEdMidas
    Posts: 6Sendy user

    +1 for this, day and time of day would make Sendy even better! :)

  • The right way to do this would be to append some Google Analytics parameters to register your clicks in a new campaign. Then you can see the clicks in GA. So the feature that needs to be implemented is to append automatically the _utm* paramaters so the URLs look like that: This is going to put my clicks in Aquisition, Campaigns.

    BUT there is a big but... I tlooks like GA doesn't show clicks by hour for this very report! How crazy is that... Anyway I think having _utm* parameters would solve a lot of issues. Like comparing campaigns for example.

  • And if you want to create your URL you can use this:

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    • 1 for this.