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Personalized Attachments - Not link

edited September 2022 in Questions

Hi there,

Is it possible to attach personal attachments for each email in the distribution list ?

I saw this post from 2020, which says that the only way is to include a download link:

So, just wanted to confirm that adding a custom link is the only way to achieve this ?

Or now we can add custom attachments ?

Thanks ! 🇨🇱


  • Hi,

    URLs are supported in 'Custom fields' but not attachments.

    Even though Sendy supports attachments, it's still highly recommended to send a link to download a file than attach a file when sending bulk email. You'll get great sending speed and your emails are less likely to end up in your recipients' spam folder. In other words, even if you are able to send through your email with the huge attachment, it is quite redundant if your email end up in your recipient's spam folder.


    Best regards,

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