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Changing Autoresponder type

edited September 2022 in Questions

Apparently, we created an autoresponder and it's set to Send Annually, when we meant for it to be set to Send Once On Date... but I don't see any way to switch it, am I missing where that could be done? If not, can you consider adding that as an option to toggle?

We don't want to delete it because it has emails already all set up and configured, and don't want to redo all that work.

I guess I could find/update the setting directly in the database, but is that all that's needed, or are there other places where that annual date is set to send, on the emails themselves or ?


  • Hi,

    In your MySQL database, go to the ares table. Find the autoresponder record, change the value of the type column from 2 to 3 and your autoresponder type will be changed to 'Send on date' instead of 'Send annually'.


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