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0% open rate but unique clicks being tracked

edited October 2022 in Troubleshooting

Hi Sendy Folks,

please, can you help me with this obviously not so uncommon problem.
We just switched to sendy and successfully sent our first 3 newsletters with it.

Unique clicks are being tracked but we have 0% open rate although switched on.

Some facts:

  • .htaccess is being processed (and is the original)
    (Hoster is but i'm not sure regarding the Options +FollowSymLinks and Options -Multiviews - how important is that?)

  • Cron-Job runs via Hoster-Backend which accesses the scheduled.php every 5 Minutes -> Curl not possible (but tried this via terminal with no effect)

  • All Sendy-URLs seem to have a double Trailing-Slash after the domain like (redirects broken?):
  • Tracking-Pixel seems to be outside the HTML:


Uploaded 2 Screenies with the sendy-sent-overview and the cron-settings on the hoster site.

Thanks for your help in advance!


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