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How to set up two-factor unsubscribe?

edited March 2023 in Using Sendy

Would appreciate info related to this. Does this require the more general two-factor authentication to be set up? I read that feature to mean it applies to system logins only. We are running Sendy 6.0.3


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    How to set up two-factor unsubscribe

    Do you mean 'Double opt-out'? Which means when a subscriber clicks unsubscribe in your email, they will receive another email with a confirmation link to unsubscribe?

    If so, you can set your list’s ‘Unsubscribe setting’ to ‘Double opt-out’ so that another confirmation link needs to be clicked by the recipient in the unsubscribe page before they are being unsubscribed from the list.

    To access list settings:

    1. Go to 'View all lists' on the left sidebar
    2. Click the pencil icon on the list item to edit its settings

    Or click 'List settings' at the top right of the page when inside a list:


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