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Elastic Email vs SendGrid vs MailJet

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Newbie here.

Looking for advice on SMTP relays.

Which of the above relays is the easiest to set up and use?

Thanks in advance,


  • I have used them all and I think they're all roughly the same in terms of ease of use and setup. I think SendGrid and MailJet have a more friendly user experience in terms of traditional SaaS interfaces - but you won't be in the web interface very much anyways.

  • ...and the critical piece (on top of configuring them to send as relays from Sendy) is, configuring on both sides to get bounces and complaints back into Sendy. A number of people have done it here on various forum threads- but you'll need a bit of tech skill to set it up.

  • @dmdotco From Sendy 6.x and above, Sendy supports bounces and complaints handling with Sendgrid out of the box.

  • Nice- didn't know that!

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