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Message tracking on host with self signed certificate
  • Hi,

    I am busy testing the software at the moment (so far very happy) but I am having a little issue with tracking the "opens".

    I see it uses a 1x1 blank image but because I am using a self signed SSL certificate on my host it won't load on the target mail client and therefore won't track the open. Is there any way I can set the target for that image to use the plain HTTP location?


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    For that you'll need to hard code your Sendy URL in scheduled.php (if you're using a cron job to send emails) or /includes/create/send-now.php (if you're not using a cron job to send emails).

    Search for 't.php' in the script(s) and hard code your full Sendy URL that uses 'http'.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you, that will work perfectly!

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