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Bounced emails not reflecting in Sendy

edited June 12 in Troubleshooting

I've noticed a couple of Brands where they are receiving "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" emails from Amazon but are not seeing those bounces reflected in their Sendy lists.

I'm running the latest version of Sendy 6.0.5

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi,

    1. Visit Amazon SNS console » Subscriptions page
    2. See if your ‘Subscription ARN' says 'pending confirmation'

    If they are in 'PendingConfirmation' status, please see →


    Best regards,

  • Hi Ben,

    Everything looks normal there (showing confirmed).

    I discovered the problem. Under Configuration -> Verified identities -> Notifications -> Feedback notifications I noticed that the SNS topic was not properly setup for some identities. After enabling Feedback notifications for each identity, the problem is now resolved.

    Thanks for your help!

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