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300+ lines of CSS ??

edited July 2023 in Troubleshooting

I think my WYSIWYG is on crack.
Whenever I create a new email campaign the editor adds a bunch of un-necessary CSS.
Whats worse is that each time I click to view source it adds another 300 lines of unnecessary CSS.
By the time I'm done with an email there are thousands of unwanted lines of CSS.
How do I make it stop?


  • Hi,

    One of your browser extension is inserting code into the WYSIWYG editor when you were editing your email (for example, ‘Grammarly', ‘Ad Blocker Ultimate', 'Adguard Adblocker', 'MetaMask', 'Microsoft Editor' browser extensions are known to do just that).

    1. Disable all extensions in your browser (you may try this convenient plugin) as one of your browser extensions is inserting redundant code into the WYSIWYG editor when you're creating or editing a campaign
    2. Or use a browser that has no extensions installed
    3. Then re-create your campaign (not just “Duplicate”, create a new campaign and write your message)

    If the issue goes away, then you'd need to track down this browser extension that inserts code into the WYSIWYG editor when you were creating/editing your campaign and disable it.


    Best regards,

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