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Error: SignatureDoesNotMatch

edited July 2023 in Troubleshooting


I was working with Sendy from the version 4 with Amazon SES and recently bought the version 6, in the release 6.0.2 the Amazon SES does not work, I deleted the IAM user and created a new one, added permissions for both SNSfull and SESfull, re-added the domain and emails in SES until the verified status appears. I also make some tests in AWS and it is working fine. My sending limit is 200,000. Everything seems ok, but I always received the status error Error: SignatureDoesNotMatch in Sendy. I have CentOS 7 on linode


  • Hi,

    Your server clock may be out of sync with NTP.

    Please sync your server's clock with NTP by running the following command via SSH:

    sudo /usr/sbin/ntpdate


    Best regards,

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