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X emails were skipped or updated from your last import

edited September 2023 in Using Sendy


We have a number of lists which our members subscribe to, some emails they want to recieve (membership newsletter) and some they dont (events). However, when i look to import a unsubscriber into a new list it wont allow me to saying 'emails were skipped or updated from your last import'. I understand its best practice not to email the subscriber again but its a completely different list on a completely different subject (which the member has signed up to and wants to recieve). How can i import their name into the system?


  • Hi,

    Set the 'Unsubscribe settings' of the list you're importing your CSV into to 'Only this list'. After which when you import CSVs into that particular list, Sendy will not consider the 'Unsubscribe' status of the subscriber in other lists.

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  • thanks ben!

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