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Reply To Email Address

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In my Sendy Account, we use a different reply to email than the sending email. We do this so that we can use the best email address for deliverability and open rate. So having the reply to email and send from email the same email address is not an option for us. However, we are now experiencing issues with getting the replies from the emails to go to the reply to email address. Is it a problem with how we are setting up the account or is it a problem with sendy?


  • Hi,

    One thing to keep in mind is that people can reply to the 'From email' as well.

    For instance, when responding to an email where the 'Reply to' address is '' and the 'From' address is '', I will remove '' from the 'From' field and substitute it with ''. This is because sending an email to '' will not reach anyone.

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