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Tracking Opens 'On' But Still Disabled

edited October 2023 in Troubleshooting

I had turned off both 'tracking opens' and tracking clicks' in the privacy settings of my brand. When I turned "tracking opens' back on by clicking "Yes" in the Privacy settings nothing happens. I still get the message on every send under "Unique opens" saying "Tracking disabled" ...

How do I get the tracking opens back? Any help would be appreciated!



  • Hi,

    When you set the 'Privacy' settings in the brand settings, it is such that when you create a campaign, it will honour the settings that you have set in the brand settings. It won't change the privacy settings of "already sent" campaigns.


    Best regards,

  • Yeah I'm an idiot... I see each individual send has its own 'privacy settings' and I had those turned off.

    Thanks for the response!


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