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Updated Sendy but footer still showing old version

edited October 2023 in Troubleshooting

I just purchased the Sendy upgrade (6.x), and downloaded the latest version.

I unzipped the file and went through the rest of the 6 update steps (listed here:

Note: I did not touch any .htaccess files or transfer language files.

All the files seem to have transferred & replaced existing files--but Sendy doesn't appear to have updated.


  • I'm hosting on Cloudways
  • I used Forklife on Mac for FTP, etc.
  • I logged out of Sendy on my server (and back in again)
  • I cleared cookies
  • I waited over an hour


  • Hi,

    If you uploaded the files to the correct directory, your Sendy installation will immediately be updated.

    To check if you uploaded Sendy to the correct directory, change the file name of index.php to something else, e.g. index2.php, then visit in your browser and see if it loads. If it still loads your Sendy installation, then you’re uploading to the wrong directory.

    Best regards,

  • Update: You nailed it. I WAS targeting the wrong directory. Doh!

    (A duplicate Sendy folder from when I first installed.)

    Thanks for the response Ben, and the update was flawless.

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