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GDPR Consent Conundrum

edited November 2023 in Questions

Hi, I'm using a google form for a competition where emails are sent to Sendy via (kind of like zapier but 50% cheaper).
I have a list with GDPR enabled, but I am not sure how I can send the GDPR flag via this method.
Can I use the [reconsent] link in the double opt-in confirmation instead of [confirmation_link] ?
I want to avoid the enduser having to respond to two emails (confirmation and reconsent)

I cant find a way to send the GDPR consent directly from the Google form (where I have a GDPR checkbox) to Sendy , as the GDPR field doesn't show up when the fields are retrieved from my Sendy list via, so it cant be mapped from the google form to the subscription action


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    If doesn't support passing the 'GDPR' flag into your Sendy list, try connection your Google form to 'Webhooks' instead, where you'll call Sendy's subscribe API ( Doing this, you can pass true to gdpr when subscribing a user.


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