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Resend confirmation email with special separate email

edited November 2023 in Questions

I have a lot of users who did not confirm the email with double-opt-in and are now in my not confirmed list. I found this post:

But it would just send out the regular eMail when you signed up the first time.
In order to let the customer (especially older signups) know why I'm sending this confirmation again it would be great if someone knew how I could send an eMail with this list and make sure they would receive an extra special email with some text like:

"We are sending you this email because you signed up in the past but did not confirm the double opt-in. If you missed the email at the time you can do this now and receive our eMail."

Unfortunately I'm not good in coding but I think this would be helpful for a lot of people and would be really useful to get all the people to signup who missed the email or it went to their spam folder.



  • Hi,

    Sendy never had this feature where you can "re-send" double opt-in confirmation emails to users again is because it will increase your complaint rates. There are reasons why some users do not confirm their subscription. By pestering them to confirm their subscription with more emails, you will increase your complaint rates over time.

    Amazon SES's complaint rates threshold is only 0.1%. If you go over that, Amazon will pause your ability to send further emails.

    Best regards,

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