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Sendy pricing is wrong
  • Vote Up0Vote Down simysimy
    Posts: 31Sendy user
    This product should be more expensive as it should be targeted to professional web site owners. It should cost something like $990 per year.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,672Sendy support
    You think so? We're still not set on the pricing.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down simysimy
    Posts: 31Sendy user
    I compare it to my bill that I had while I was with Mailchimp, it was around $460 monthly and my list than was 30% smaller than it is now.

    Now I paid $40. This price tag is just too silly. For me sending newsletters is 20% increase to my monthly traffic.

    You should at least charge per period of time not per version. It will mean more money for you and more reliable product for us.

    Multithreading - maybe you need just to use non-blocking cURL requests? In my opinion SES is the bottleneck and than slow SQL queries.

    We could try this:
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,672Sendy support
    @simy Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it. And with regards to multithreading, thanks a lot for the link, will take a good look at it.
  • I think the price is fair. It's a simple newsletter sending layer for SES -- not Strongmail, Lyris etc. If you need an 'enterprise' solution, there are several to choose from with robust features, etc. I switched to sendy to SAVE money compared to a mailchimp and campaign monitor.
  • If I can add a comment on this, mailchimp has the advantage of being extremely easy to use. For many client, setting up amazon ses is simply not possible. So these are not even potential client for Sendy. Unless you develop a 100% hosted version and you take care of all DNS/Amazon setup for the client.

    For me, I would have stayed with mailchimp if they would have either based their price on email sent instead of the size of the list. I could go with the pay as you go option but then the price is just too silly, that is the main reason we installed Sendy.

    I would have paid 500$ for this no problem + I would have paid 500$ more to get 4 hours of personal support with someone who has done many Amazon SES setup.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down jpanseljpansel
    Posts: 36Sendy user
    Interesting comments!
    In my opinion, the one with wrong pricing is Amazon SES. 1$ for 10,000 emails is more than cheap, it's unbelievable.

    I would remind you that Sendy does not deliver emails, it submits them to Amazon SES. Paying a subscription fee would probably stop me. Sendy cannot be compared to Mailchimp. It's a (fantastic) software, not a service.

    Now Ben could sell support packages, I think it would be very good. He can also sell premium features, like multithreading and reseller features. I think that people using Sendy to let their clients send emails by themselves should pay a premium fee.

    But in my opinion, raising Sendy's price to 500 or 1000$ would slow down this project - better to sell a lot @ cheap price instead of selling 30 licences @1000$.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down simysimy
    Posts: 31Sendy user
    Thanks for your thougts.

    In my opinion Sendy's customers are power users. Everyone else can use free tires that offer such services like mailchimp.

    Power users need reliability and they will easily pay more. For that Sendy needs to use some advanced solutions. This requires skills and time. Also it's a niche product and I want it to stay.
  • I think we can mark this thread as closed since Ben has upped the price to $59 :P
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,672Sendy support
    @alexbuckland $59 is our originally planned price. :) Even though I think Sendy should cost way more than that like @simy suggests, it may slow down adoption rate like what @jpansel mentioned.

    Would love to hear from more people regarding the price. :)
  • I just purchased and think $59 is a fair price. To be candid, I probably wouldn't have been so quick if the price was $99 and I have used Amazon SES in our SaaS website since it first came out so I have "fear" of using/setting up SES. At $99 I still probably would have bought but I would have checked out more options like opensource phplist. The "kicker" for me was the latest "multi-threading" in 1.1.0 since we have used SES with other email programs and it would take about 6-10 hours to send 75k emails which is crazy! Granted our SaaS website also uses and for sending out member emails since after 6 months SES didn't work well enough.

    We are hoping though that Sendy is perfect for our company newsletters, email announcements, etc since we can send out about 300k emails each month for a better cost.

    I agree with those that say you can't compare this to Mailchimp. To be candid I think the mailchimp's need another offering for paying by email count versus members -- we have about 150k members but only send an email to them about every 30 days and this would be an insane cost on the "mailchimps".
  • Vote Up0Vote Down BlaineBlaine
    Posts: 32Sendy user
    Multithreading is great, and without autoresponders I didn't buy. Now that both are implemented, I'm heading over to hand in my credit card details right now. Those features are worth the extra $15 for sure. :)
  • Vote Up0Vote Down simysimy
    Posts: 31Sendy user
    All I know is that I have everything what I need now. I don't need anything else. I want Ben to keep maintaining it so I would like to be charged on subscription basis.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jstrousejstrouse
    Posts: 4Sendy user

    Think it's too low as well. We probably would have easily paid another couple hundred without a lot of thought, maybe $249 or $349.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down cmercmer
    Posts: 8Sendy user

    Agreed. Too low. $299 seems like the sweet spot. Perhaps sell a downloadable version AND a SaaS. I suspect many people don't want the hassle of managing their own servers, updates, etc. Recurring revenues is much more interesting than 1 time.

    My 2 cents.

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