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  • Ben November 2012
How to set up custom tags
  • Sorry if this question seems obvious but I can't find out how to add custom tags

    Let's say I have a field called country in my list, you example says:
    [Country,fallback=anywhere in the world].

    What should I write in my HTML and text campaign to have my tags being replace by the actual country of the user list?

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    Posts: 3,646Sendy support
    @pylemaire You need to create a custom field for the list in question.

    Go to your desired subscriber list. At the top right, click on 'Custom fields'. Then create a custom field called, 'Country'.

    When you import a CSV or subscribe users through the subscribe form or API, you'll be able to set their 'Country'.

    And when the time comes to send a newsletter to the list, use the [Country,fallback=] tag to display the country of the user.
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