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Autoresponder and Custom Date

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I have a subscribe form that has a date field that fills a custom date field 'startdate' I would like to use for an autoresponder. The autoresponder is set to send on the date 'startdate'.

When the date was entered in the subscribe form, it was entered in this date format (mm/dd/yyyy) and when I check in the list in Sendy, it has the format (MMM dd, yyyy) so it would appear that the date was accepted successfully in Sendy.

I created the autoresponder emails after the list was created but before the 'startdate'. I made sure that 'enabled' is set to YES in the autoresponder list.

It is now that date and I did not see any emails were sent. I am wondering the following:

  1. When you use a custom date to start an autoresponder, do you need to enter it as a timestamp, or is just the date satisfactory?

  2. If the Sendy cron job is set to send every 5 minutes, should this email have been sent 5 seconds after midnight today? If not, what would determine when the autoresponder email is sent?

  3. If the autoresponder was created before the 'startdate' but the after the subscribe date, would the email still have been sent?

Thank you for your assistance.


  • Hi,

    The email was not sent probably because you added the subscriber via the user interface.

    Autoresponder emails only trigger when emails are added via Sendy's subscribe form or the 'subscribe' API (, not emails imported via CSV or added via the 'per line method' as Autoresponders are not designed to send emails in bulk, it's designed for new sign ups to your list.


    Best regards,

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