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Understanding 'Unsubscribe from all lists'

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I have few mail IDs in multiple lists, i use mass-unsubscribe on one list but it's still shown in Subscribers in another list.

List Settings > Unsubscribe user > All lists

In DB: Table: subscribers::

id userID name email custom_fields list unsubscribed bounced
12410627 1 NULL 178 1 0
4144498 1 NULL 126 0 0
12404144 1 NULL 182 0 0

How do i correct this?


  • BenBen
    edited March 18


    Do you mean you're mass unsubscribing users using a CSV using the 'Mass unsubscribe' feature (see screenshot below)?

    If so, the 'Mass unsubscribe' function only unsubscribes users from that list only.

    The 'Unsubscribe user > All lists' in the list settings applies to when a subscriber clicks on your unsubscribe link in email campaigns or autoresponders that you sent them, they'll then be unsubscribed from ALL lists they belong to.


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