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Sendy installation returns a 'Request Timeout'

edited March 25 in Troubleshooting

I just updated my Sendy installation to 6.0.9
I kept the orginal config file, and did not overwrite the uploads file, as instructed.
But now my Sendy installation returns a 'Request Timeout' whenever I try to open it.
Any ideas what might have gone wrong?
My installation is at and the 'downforeveryoneorjustme' website says it's down for everyone.
Of course, this happened just before sending today's newsletter. I guess I should have waited :(


  • Hi,

    It looks like your server is down. Try rebooting it to get it up and running again.

    Best regards,

  • D'OH!
    I feel sooo stupid!
    I was sure I'd rebooted. And I have other sites on that server, which seemed ok, so I was convinced the update was the issue.
    But now I realise the other sites must have been 'appearing' to be ok due to caching.
    Anyway... I just rebooted the server and every thing is fine. LOL.
    Thanks for getting back to me Ben, and saying the right thing!
    All the best,

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