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Undelivered emails with error code 0

My last 3 campaigns sent very slowly and have about 25% of the emails marked as "emails not delivered even after retrying." I downloaded the CSV and it says error code 0. I have been using Sendy without issue for about 4 years. I am on version 6.0.9.

What is the error and how can I resolve it?


  • Hi,

    Your server may be out of sync with NTP. Try syncing your server clock with NTP by running the following command via SSH to sync your server clock with NTP:

    sudo /usr/sbin/ntpdate

    If you don't manage your own server, please contact your hosting support to help you do this.


    Best regards,

  • Thanks.

    I was on a shared hosting plan with Dreamhost and they weren't able/willing to fix it. I moved to a VPS and it's working now.

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