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Is it possible to handle bounces from self sent newsletters?

edited November 2012 in Questions
I'm currently using sendy to send newsletters through the server, is there any way to set it up so it registers bounces?


  • Hey, there's no way to register bounces (or complaints) if emails are sent from your server. Why not use Amazon SES?
  • I probably will at some point, but the list I was sending out to was only 159 addresses so wasn't worth setting it all up. I might have a look at your SES bounce handler and write something to poll the pop3 account for bounced emails and send the details to it.
  • Have you got a sample of what amazon sends when an address bounces? It seems straight forward enough I just need to post JSON to bounces.php
  • It just takes a few minutes to setup Amazon SES and you would avoid all this trouble...
  • If Amazon SES accepted paypal it wouldn't be a problem I could just use the donations we get to pay for the campaign, but I'd have to pay for the campaigns out of my own account, not a big deal as we only have a small list of subscribers at the moment, just a hassle.
  • Here's the contents of the feedback notification:

    Though, I'd still recommended using Amazon SES so that bounces and complaints can be registered easily and more effectively. With a small subscriber base, one campaign is only less than 10 cents, setting up Amazon SES is less hassle to setup than to code it yourself. Also, it's easier to update Sendy in future without having to manage the upgrade.
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