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  • Ben November 2013
Is DKIM verification compulsory? Should domains be verified when emails are verified?
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    This is my first post so please forgive me if i am already asking whats on the forum but could not find and answer, probably my fault :( I verified two of my domains in ses admin area but not with DKIM verification. I just uses the txt dns option. SES says that its verified but should i do a DKIM verification? And i also want to send emails for my friends domains, do we have to verify those domains also or verifiying the emails is enough?

    Btw i am waiting for the production thing from amazon :) I guess its normal that i cannot email to gmails, hotmails until they approve my production thing.

    Thanks for the answers,

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    Hi @Burak,

    should i do a DKIM verification

    DKIM verification is not compulsory. But it is recommended. It will also remove the 'via amazonses' tag displayed by Gmail when recipients view your emails in Gmail.

    do we have to verify those domains also or verifiying the emails is enough?

    If you've verified the email, it is enough. You will be able to send from this verified email. If you verify the domain, you don't have to verify each individual emails belonging to this verified domain.

    A lot of people misunderstand and think they have to verify the domain and the individual emails. No, if you just want to use an email address to send emails, verifying that email address is enough. If you've already verified the domain, you don't have to verify the emails.


    Best regards,

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