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How To: multiserver sendy on amazon aws
  • I do this and i think it's a good idea for the users of sendy.

    Problem: 1) my Amazon micro instance is to little for my list sendy, 2) A medium or large instance is not cheap and i need it only in the sending time.

    Idea: Has a micro's Sendy for tracking, preparing campains, and a large sendy for send.

    Solution: 1) Install Sendy's Database in Amazon RDS 2) Install Sendy's in the microinstance, with the cron's (scheduled.php and import-csv) usinf the database in RDS 3) Install Sendy's in a medium o large instance using exactly the same folder, config.php, and database from the sendy's in microinstance 4) Comment scheduled.php in cron of sendy microinstance 5) Configure the scheduled.php in cron of the sendy medium of large

    And now: 1) In the microinstance create a campaign as usual, 2) The campaign will no start (because we don't have cron) 3) Start the medium or large instance (this instance will send the emails) 4) Stop the medium instance at the finish of sending.


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