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[Mod] Auto-analytics (for Google Analytics tracking)
    1. this mod replaces one sendy core file: l.php, and it's only valid for Sendy,
    2. DO NOT USE IT with other version of Sendy.
    3. Maybe i will update it in the Future.

    Hi All,

    I make this little mod to track using google analytics, you can download it here:

    What it's do?

    Append to the clicked link the Google Analytics parameters:

    1. txt_medium with your sendy url installation
    2. txt_campaign with the campaign's name
    3. txt_source with the list name

    All the appended data is "safed": lowercase, any character distinct a letter or number is replaced with a medium-score

    Ben, it's a very simple mod, i can help to add the feature to sendy's core.

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