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Sending quota limits and big subscribe list

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Hello, yesterday i start using SES and amazon give me 10k per 24H i have list with 70k subscribers...
So i reach limit but Sendy continue sending email (marking in db that is send) but in reality its not send...
So, suggestion, to put in sendy to check limit and check is that limit reach..if it is , pause on 24H and then continue sending...
Now i dont know who get my email and who didnt, so i lost 60k email for subsribers. Thats not good for my job at all

And one question, is there any possibility to know in which order is send emails? so that i can calculate who to send again?


  • Are you using version an older version of Sendy?

    The order of sending is ORDER BY id ASC
  • last version of Sendy ...i bought sendy few days ago...
  • That's strange because the latest version of Sendy does not allow you to send more than your limit allows. If Amazon grants you 10,000 and you select a combination of lists with more than 10,000 subscribers, the sending button will be disabled. Is that not so for your installation?
  • I have one list, and that list have 70k subs. I put schedule and he starts sending...
    In Sendy is "63,734" sent and in AWS panel is 11248 Sent.

    So sendy just update DB and thats all, amazon didnt send emails...
    But in my opinion no matter is it list biger then my limit or not Sendy need to do that all alone, without me... So script need to send until reach limit...wait 24H to get new quota and send again....
  • I understand where you're getting at.

    If you have 70k subscribers and Amazon only grants you 10k, when you try to send at the sending page, both the sending and 'schedule' buttons will be disabled. I'm puzzled as to how you are able to send when you selected more than your SES quota.

    Lastly, if you have 70k subscribers, request for extended access so that Amazon will grant you a limit of 100,000 →
  • Im programmer too so i will try to check where can be problem. And i would love to make sending on my way but you crypt function :D
    About AWS limit... i start using SES 2days ago, will you give me next day 70k limits? I think no :) they want first to see are you "good" or "bad" guy :)
    I was wating to send this campaing so that they can see that im ok and they will automaticly increase my limits..
  • Amazon SES won't provide a channel to request for 'extended' access for no reason. :) A lot of people have requested a higher sending limit to start with and was successfully granted.

    Yes Sendy does not send 10,000 first, and then 10,000 the next 24 hours and so on. That's why we disabled the sending and schedule buttons if you select more than your quota. Unless you edited the code to 'enable' them (you mentioned you're a programmer)? Please let me know if you did that so that I know it's not a bug.

    You can only send within your limits and in turn Amazon will still increase your limits the 'slow' way if you are fine with this path. Alternatively, request for extended accessto hasten the increase.
  • Script is out of stock, its not edited.
    I will ask for increasing sending limits. But you need to put some checking left limit < current, and to put some error and similar for case like this.. Disabling sending is not enough

    One mroe suggestion.
    Uploading CSV via ftp. Why?
    If someone have slow upload speed and big CSV there is chance to connection drop and he need to start uplodig again...with ftp you can resume ;)
  • BenBen
    edited September 2013
    Thanks for letting me know the script was not edited. I checked and saw the schedule button was not disabled when you select more than your SES limits, only the 'send now' button was disabled. That's a bug, will fix this.

    And thanks for your suggestion for uploading via FTP, will definitely consider that for huge CSVs!

    UPDATE (Sep 15, 2013)

    You can now setup a cron job to import CSVs, any timeouts will be resumed automatically. Import speed has been drastically improved as well.
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