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Import list/add subscribers

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Import allows you to import email incorrect and duplicate. It 'easy to fix
I would also ask if the campaign will be sent to two identical email or the program notice me has already been sent and send only one email.


  • Hi, importing does check for duplicates though.

    When sending, Sendy checks if email appears in multiple lists and only sends to one if so.
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    line-update.php don't check duplicate and don't check valid email
    edit: sorry line-update.php check duplicate but don't work

    import-update.php don't check valid email

    1) add LIMIT 1 to select query
    2) add index to email (and other field you use in select) in subscribers table
    3) check 2 query in import-update
    $q = 'SELECT email from subscribers WHERE (email = "'.$linearray[0].'" || email = " '.$linearray[1].'" || email = "'.$linearray[1].'") AND bounced = 1';
    --- || email = "'.$linearray[1].'" is duplicate and slow query
  • "edit: sorry line-update.php check duplicate but don't work"
    Sorry but when I import emails per line, it does check for duplicates. I just tested. I purposely imported an email that exists in the list and it was not imported.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    If we use LIMIT 1, the script will only import 1 subscriber no matter how many exists in the CSV.
    Lastly, thanks for spotting the 'duplicate condition'! :) Will remove it.
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