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Emails Not Sending To Subscribers On Different Lists In Different Brands
  • @Ben,

    So I figured out the issue here in terms of describing it:

    I have 2 different brands setup and I have 1 list per brand. Both brands are websites that I have in the same niche, hence some people who are subscribed to both (roughly 1000 of them). Let's call them Brand and List A and List B. I noticed that List A (In Brand A) sends to the entire "Active" status subscriber list, while List B (In Brand B) sends to approximately 1000 LESS subscribers than those marked in active status.


    Brand A has about 20k subscribers and sends to 20k. (20k active)
    Brand B has about 9k subscribers and sends to 8k. (9k Active)
    Approximately 1000 names subscribe to BOTH lists.

    This may be a bit overkill in terms of describing it, but I need to be absolutely sure, or perhaps its a bug, that sendy is not letting me send to those 1000 names that overlap between between Brand A/List A and Brand B/List B. I was told messages won't send between multiple lists in the same BRAND, but distinct brands shouldn't matter for that rule. By the math, it appears that my observation is correct, that sendy is not sending Brand B/List B messages to those subscribers on that list who are also subscribed to Brand A/List A.

    Please advise as I'd like the active subscribers on both brands and lists their messages, even if they happen to subscribe to both brand lists.
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    Hey, thanks for your detailed description.

    How Sendy sends to multiple lists is by querying for all active subscribers in the lists you've specified. The query includes a condition that combines duplicate emails into one email so that duplicates won't be sent.

    If the lists you've specified in the sending page does not belong to another brand (which of course the multi-select list won't show you lists from another brand), then the query won't check for duplicates from lists belonging to another brand.

    Did you send a campaign from Brand A first, then followed by Brand B? And how is the bounce rate like in Brand A?
  • @Ben, I will test sending to the smaller list first -- this is list that gets 'cut off' by about 1000 subscribers every time I send. I will report back. The bounce rate of Brand A is very low, as it is with Brand B. I don't think bounce has anything to do with it.
  • @Ben,

    Sent an email to the smaller list only, and it still only sends to 7000 out of the 8000 active subscribers.
  • @Ben,

    I figured it out. I ran a duplicate check on all the emails in list B/brand B and it turns out there are close to 1000 duplicates! (yikes) Must have overlapped some during an import.

    So now, is there a query I can run in my mysql sendy DB to remove duplicate subscriber entries for that list?
  • Just sorted dupes in excel and deleted in sendy. This is now fixed as far as I can tell. Please close.
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    Posts: 3,630Sendy support
    Thanks, glad that you figure this out.
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