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Can Sendy be used for Transactional Emails via API
  • Is it possible to use sendy with php api calls to send emails on demand, for example, when someone does something on my site and i want to send them an email confirming their actions like signing up for a service, etc. Can i do this via php to have sendy use amazon ses to send them an email?

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    Yes, Sendy can be used for transactional emails for your scenario by using autoresponders.

    Here are the steps to send your user a transactional welcome email:

    • 1. First, create custom fields for your desired list, eg. Transaction No., Amount, and any fields you need to capture the signup
    • 2. Set up a 'Drip Campaign' autoresponder for your list, name it, eg. 'Welcome email'
    • 3. When creating an email for this autoresponder, set the time condition to 'immediately'. In the email body, you can include personalization tags from custom fields you've setup in step 1 so that the email sent to the user will include them
    • 4. Use the API to send the user's name, email and other custom field values to Sendy when the user signs up for your service
    • 5. The user will get the transactional email as a result of the autoresponder setup in step 2 & 3

    You can then sit back and view reports for this autoresponder. :)
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    You can even add more emails to the 'Drip Campaign' autoresponder with a delay of, say, 3 days or, 5 days to follow up with them automatically.

    If your service have a trial period, you can also add another email to the autoresponder to reminder them to upgrade before their trial expires.
  • Is there a way to send these transactional emails for people already on my list. For example, lets say a user does something on my site like purchase something, and i need to send a receipt emaill. They are already on my list. Is there a way to call some php mail function and have it use sendy to send the mail instead of the default local smtp server which php mail function uses?

    Also, do you by chance have any sample php code that uses the sendy API so i can see everything i can do with the API, such as get return values, and how to add users, etc?


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    Posts: 3,667Sendy support
    Hi Alex,

    There's no native way to do that. You'd have to customize the code to suit your custom needs.

    Other than subscribe and unsubscribe API, there's no others at the moment.
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