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Searching by custom fields
  • 1.10 lets you search by custom fields which is great, but we still don't have the option to segment the list. The export button exports ALL subscribers and not just the ones displayed as a result of the search.

    It would be nice to be able to send emails to only people who match a search for example if i have a custom field call birthday and i search all users with birthday of today, i would like to send only them a broadcast, which i cannot do.

    If at least i can export the search results, then i can import them into a new list and send that list.

    Also, when i do export, it does not export custom fields, only name and email address. It would be good to export ALL data we have for a list.

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  • sorry, yes, you are correct. I exported a list that had empty custom fields for first thousand or so records that i forgot were empty so i assumed all were empty.

    It does work.

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