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  • Ben February 2014
Email Feedback Forwarding
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    Posts: 4Sendy user

    Hi Ben.. I was reading the forum, and i read that Sendy disables the email feedback automatically. I had 1000 bounces last week, mistakenly tagged as bounced, and then i realized that they where still working, so i talked to Amazon people and they told me it must been a temporary issue, thats why i would like to read at least a few of those mailer-daemon notifications so i am sure what happened in the future. I would like to receive those notifications, is there a way to enable it in sendy by default? And is it possible to choose the address to receive them?

    Thanks Ben.

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    Posts: 3,643Sendy support


    Sendy disables 'Email Feedback Fowarding' so that you don't get email notifications for every email marked as bounced by Amazon as these emails will be registered as 'bounced' in Sendy.

    There's no way to turn it off in Sendy unless you comment out code from these two files:

    send-to.php - lines 131 & 132
    /includes/campaigns/check_sns.php - line 91

    (Applies to Sendy version


    Best regards,

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