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Sendy for iPhone/ iPad and on other tablets

edited November 2012 in Suggestions
Hello Guys,
absolutely love the Sendy and now I'm on verge to implemented with my clients... Me and most of my clients use tablets and I was totally happy to see that Sendy is a responsive structure base. It works perfectly on my iPad and my iPhone... I just have a simple small request to ask if you can implement in Sendy...

Please add a "add to Home Screen" icon set and scripts... after that believe me we don't need any App for Sendy... (=

Hope you will implement this, at-least please add icon set.. so after adding to home screen it look nice and give a feeling of native app... (=

Goodluck and Keep it up with Good Work (=

PS: Here I made your work easy just in case if you like to use ready to use script:
PSS: ..and for a apple iTouch icon sets:


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