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UTF8 Encoding in subscribers

edited September 2012 in Troubleshooting

I just imported a subscription list -- Many names have accents etc. These don't seem to be showing properly in the subscription list.

I noted that the mysql field for name in subscriptions is not set for utf8 encoding or collation.

1) is this a known issue and if so what is the time line for fixing
2) if I send a campaign now, what will happen to the accented characters in the email


  • @smorr Can you change the encoding for the field, "name" in subscribers table to utf8 and see if it works?
  • I did change the encoding but it still showed junk in the list. Not sure if the problem was replicated in the email.
  • I just did a test by adding a name/email into one of my list and it's showing up correctly though:


    Can you give me a few example of names with accented characters that shows up as junk on your list?
  • Importing names with accents work perfectly on my side. Just make sure that the CSV is in UTF-8 by opening it with a text editor (like Coda on Mac, or Notepad ++ on Windows). Look for text encoding and convert it to UTF-8.

    MS Excel does a bad job with CSV and does not always export in UTF-8.

    No need to make any changes on the MySQL table.
  • I did have the CSV encoded as utf-8 and the accents render fine in the database (using Sequel Pro as the app) but not in the subscriber list (via Sendy)

    In the subscriber list I am getting H�nni rather than Hänni
  • I'm using Sequel Pro too, can you change the encoding of the name field back to nothing?

    I added the name Hänni to my installation and it shows up as Hänni:

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