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  • Ben March 2014
Background image not showing in test email
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    Posts: 1Sendy user


    My background image is not showing in my test emails to outlook and gmail. The image is visible in the Sendy newsletter preview. All other images are displaying correctly in both preview and test emails.

    I checked the code and I'm pretty sure it's correct as I have been using a template.

    Have you got any ideas what may be the problem?

    Many thanks for helping! Veerle

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,607Sendy support

    Hi Veerle,

    Email clients have patchy support for background images, the general best practice is not to use CSS backgrounds in emails. There are workarounds eg. creating a HTML table with 'background' attribute instead. Do a search for 'css background image in email' and you'll find some answers.


    Best regards,

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