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Email is not sending... AWS API troubles?

edited September 2012 in Troubleshooting
I believe I did everything needed to setup Sendy. My problem is that emails are not going out:

- I have Sendy installed on EC2
- I have created and verified sending email address
- I have added DKIM in my DNS, I am using Route53
- I have enabled DKIM for email
- I have enabled DKIM for my domain
- I have setup bounces SNS and tie it with my sending email address at SES
- I have setup complaints SNS and tie it with my sending email address at SES
- AWS has approved my production status and I can see in the Dashboard that I have 10,000 emails / 24-hour
- I have entered my AWS Credentials, the Key ID and Secret Access

I suspect that something with AWS API. In Sendy, I still see 0 for everything in my AWS SES Quota. But in my AWS Console SES Home, I see that I have

Sending Quota: send 10000 emails per 24 hour period
Quota Used: 0% as of 2012-09-07 22:52 UTC+8
Max Send Rate: 5 emails/second

So what could be the problem here?


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