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Select recipients to ignore in analytics
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    We include several internal people in our company in all email campaigns. Currently all these test views, clicks and opens are tracked in the campaign analytics, skewing our results. We love the charts and statistics in Sendy, but can't really use them because our test recipients skew the numbers.

    Our ideal solution would allow us to have an extra column in our lists where we could mark certain recipients as internal seeds. Then when viewing campaign results, we can click a button to "Hide Seeds from Report".

    But we're open to any methods you can think of the remove these test recipients from our results without needing to do it manually with an external application.


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    To workaround this, send the campaign to your list of internal recipients first. Once everyone is happy, duplicate the campaign and send it to the actual list(s) (without including the internal recipients).


    Best regards,

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    Okay. Thanks.

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