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I am a little stuck ...

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I am installing Sendy, however there are a couple parts where I am stuck or just don't know what to do.

mod_rewrite: don't know how to turn it on or if it is even on. (MT)'s knowledge base just says to add "options +FollowSymLinks" to the top of the .htaccess file. I looked at the .htaccess file and it already has that line. I am hosting with media temple, if that helps.

SNS: I am still waiting for the confirmation email for the "bounces" & "complaints" topics. I don't know what sendmail is, but this is supposed to be the PHP info page: It has something about sendmail but it has no value.

/uploads/: Step 4 sounds really simple, but I just have no idea where one would enter file permissions.

If someone could help, thank you in advance! You may assume I don't know how to code (probably because I don't know how to code. :D)


  • To check if mod_rewrite is enabled or to enable it (especially when you have limited technical expertise) is to request support from MediaTemple. We're hosting with MediaTemple (dv4.0) and they're very helpful.

    SNS: Have you checked your spam folder for the confirmation email? If it's not, let me know.

    /uploads/: This is very easy, first, which FTP program are you using?
  • Thanks for quick reply, Ben!

    mod_rewrite: I'll get on that! :)

    SNS: I have checked my spam folder. Nothing in it. :|

    /upload/: I am using Transmit as my FTP program.
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    I just figured out how to add the file permissions to the /upload/ folder in Transmit FTP app!

    You just need to left click on the folder and choose "get info." An inspector pops up and you just enter "777" into the Octal field. Really simple!

    Now I just need to figure out how to get SNS to send the topic confirmation emails, and it'll all should be good. Also, I don't see anything in my sendy installation about mod_rewrite anymore. Does that mean mod_rewrite is working?
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